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WSBK Assen

Postby Hink » Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:43 am

Home today after an 'eventfull' day at Assen.

Don't know if anyone has seen it, but the World Superbike championship (a.k.a. as the redflagg chamionship) is turning into a F**king joke if you ask me. If you can't even manage to deal with a little rain, how can I ever take it serious?

Quintoli stopping the race for not seeing enough is one thing. Can't really understand it because I was right there in the rain which was not at all verry strong. But okay, some guy called rossi advised the track years ago they should remove the banking in the corners (Which has allways made Assen the fastest drying track of all...) but as I said, okay, thats from a riders perspective and I can - sort off - respect that. (Allthought I have seen far more worse rain during races that did not get stopped. I even twittered to the organisation to get the Dutch Superbike championship out, they do not melt in rain)

But before that race allready. Declaring it al 'dry race' while allready rain was comming down on the guy showing that sing. Than after the warmup lap, postponing it becauese of the rain. And that's where it became ridiculous. People running around, riders pushing their bikes of track, bumping into eachother, it seemed total anarchy.

And this after race 1 allready got redflagged aswell (As was the warmup for Superstock).
and this is no incident. We have been seeing redflags pretty much every weekend in the last few seasons. what is wrong with this championship??????? (Do we need stats on red flags in WSBK maybe?) ;)

a well, at least for the first time in 19 years I was able to hear our national anthem in Assen at the podium ceremonie after a worldchampionship race! First Dutch victory in Supersport (Or any worldchampionship race) in 15 years (Monza, Worldsupersport, Wilco Zeelenberg)

Aim is having him in Supersbike in 2015, as declared by the Pata Honda Ten Kate team.
(Leon Haslam better starts t get worried)
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